Mission Statement

It gives us great pleasure to introduce The Association of Professional Dog Walkers.  Formed initially by a collective of experienced, dedicated, individual dog walkers from across the Richmond Borough, APDW quickly spread it wings to cover not only London but the rest of the UK. We share a common vision.  APDW is a non-profit making association.

Our Association has been formed to make a distinction between those dog walkers who abide by a professional code of conduct and those who do not.

Many of us have been operating for years, resulting in positive relationships with our clients and pet related affiliations.

Our mission and vision is to promote positive communication and support, both within the Association and the wider community in general.  It is our greatest desire to provide a platform and professional ‘Code of Conduct’ for all those in our profession so we can not only provide excellent services for our clients, but set a standard that we can all be proud of.  The Association will provide self-monitoring in a previously unregulated industry, whilst bridging the gap between dog walkers, the public and the authorities and helping to promote good, responsible dog ownership for everyone.

We all believe passionately in cleaning up our parks and neighbourhoods, therefore APDW profits will be ploughed straight back into the local communities; bio degradable waste bags and sponsorship of dog waste bins are just some of our initiatives.  We wish to progress a relationship with local authorities in order to help alleviate any anxieties residents may have regarding dog related matters, as well as providing a united voice for all those dedicated, responsible professionals who work within our industry.

All of us involved within this Association are dedicated, motivated and loyal to this industry, which we see as our vocation.  We welcome positive change and a brighter, happier environment in which to walk Man’s Best Friend.