APDW – Putting our profession on the map

Founded in 2012 APDW provides a voice for all those dedicated, responsible professional dog walkers who are fighting for the recognition of their profession.

APDW is a non-profit making Association whose mission is to support and represent its members, help maintain a standard of professionalism, and bridge the gap between dog walkers, dog owners, the public and the authorities.

APDW aims to give back to the community and re-invest all profits in local projects and local dog related charities.

The Association is working in Partnership with The Kennel Club, London Parks & Green Spaces Forum, as well as Councils and Landowners to promote responsible dog ownership across the Country and hope to provide a united voice for all dog owners and responsible professionals.

Members of APDW all abide by a Code of Conduct & Ethics.  Membership  is seen as a merit of high standard.

Dog owners and members of the public can access the Members’ Directory if they are looking for a professional dog walker in their area.

All Members of APDW are dedicated, motivated and loyal to their profession  They welcome positive change and a brighter, happier environment in which to walk Man’s Best Friend.